If you have not done so already, please read or watch our tutorial information : http://alpinelaboratories.com/pages/radian-tutorial-master

Please note: as of September 1st there is an updated version of the app (1.06) that helps resolve triggering issues with some cameras. If you are having trouble triggering your camera with Radian, please first try reinstalling the updated App.

If you have a Panasonic camera, please first see this article - http://radian.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/3000017374-panasonic-camera

If you are having trouble getting Radian to command your camera to take photos, please read the below in full before submitting any help tickets.

  1. Ensure your camera is turned on and is able to take photos with the camera cable unplugged from in.
  2. Ensure the Camera Cable is securely plugged into both the Radian and your Camera.  The camera cable is coiled; the straight cable is the audio cable.
  3. Ensure the Radian is on and is running the correct settings.  Also make sure that all settings on your camera are set to 'Manual'.
  4. Radian's LED will blink each time that it moves, and about 2 seconds later it will try to trigger your camera to take a photo. Check that this is occurring with the interval that you programmed into Radian.
  5. Ensure that you are using an interval of greater than 3 seconds.  Your camera may not be able to process and store the image before the next trigger, in which case your camera may skip photos.
  6. For some tips on shooting with a shorter interval, please see this article.
  7. Try increasing your hold time.  Your camera may not be registering a fast trigger hold time. [Note: This is not necessary for versions 1.06 of the app and later).
  8. The Hold Setting (under advanced, accessed on the second page of the app) increases the length of the trigger pulse that Radian sends to the camera. This trigger pulse time is similar to the length of time with which you physically press the photo button when taking a photo manually. Depending on the surroundings, and if your camera is in automatic settings, you sometimes need to hold the trigger button down longer, and Radian may need to the same thing.  

If you continue to have problems after reading this article, please submit a help ticket via this site - include the camera model that you are using, the trigger cable you are using, and mention any of the above tests that you have performed so that we can quickly help you with a solution!