If you have not done so already, please read or watch our tutorial information : http://alpinelaboratories.com/pages/radian-tutorial-master

  1. If your camera is taking multiple photos when it should only take one at a time, you almost definitely have Continuous shooting mode (aka Burst Mode) turned on in your camera. This setting ensures that the camera will take photos as long as you hold the photo button down, and while it can be useful, it will cause some strange (maybe cool!) effects in your final footage.  Because Radian is essentially doing the same thing as when you push down the photo button on your camera, if your camera is set to take multiple photos, it might take multiples when Radian sends the trigger pulse to it. To fix this, please make sure that your camera is in single shot mode, not in continuous shooting mode.
  2. Similarly, if your camera is changing settings between shots or taking multiple images at different settings, your camera's HDR setting may be turned on. In this case, your camera takes a low exposure, middle exposure, and high exposure shot with every trigger pulse to capture images that can be put together in post later.  Try to disable this feature and fix this issue by making sure that your camera is in single shot mode.

If this does not fix the issue, please submit a help ticket on here that will allow us to personally work with you on a solution to your problem!