Thank you for taking the time to go through our extra information!  We understand that time-lapse photography is not an easy technique, and correspondingly using the Radian can get a little complicated.  That being said, please be sure to go through our 'Additional Resources' and 'FAQ' sections before submitting a help ticket. Not only will this possibly solve your problem faster than we're able to get back to you, but it will help us to quickly figure out how to help you with your specific problem later on!

If you submit a Help Ticket here through Freshdesk, please include the following information: it will allow us to tailor a solution to your problem much more quickly and avoid delaying you from using your Radian!

  1. What is your name, address, and/or order # corresponding to your Radian order? Being able to look at your original order specifics will allow us to narrow down the problems your Radian may be having based on compatibility, international software problems, etc.
  2. What are the Additional Resources/FAQ articles you've gone over? Can you list the steps you've tried on these articles?
  3. What is the device you're using to program the Radian?  Can you tell if the software on it is up to date and the Radian app is the current (updated) version?
  4. What camera(s) are you using your Radian with? 

Including an answer to these questions in your original Ticket will allow us to get your problem fixed much more quickly - thanks for the help and support and we look forward to helping you get the most out of your Radian!